Nature's Pond Care by Koenders Water Solutions Inc.

Natures Pond Electric Aerators

Cost Effective, High Performance Aeration for Ponds up to 30’ Deep

These uniquely designed bottom-up aeration systems are 5-10 X more efficient in dissolving oxygen into water compared to Surface Aerators.

Utilizing the latest technology, our aerators are custom manufactured to compress increased amounts of oxygen at higher levels of back pressure, providing the most cost effective aeration system on the market.

  • Offers highest performance in its price category
  • Delivers most air per cubic ft./min at various depths up to 30 ft.
  • Can easily power multiple diffusers for maximum aeration
  • Quiet operation
  • Aerators can be located up to 2000’ from pond
  • Allows you to run safe airline vs costly electric cable
  • Safety Certification – UL, CSA, CE