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Solar Systems - Aeration and Water Pumping

Solar Powered Aeration & Water Pumping

If you live somewhere remote, or not that windy, harness the energy of the sun with our solar-powered aeration and water pumping systems. You will enjoy years of reliable aeration, water pumping, and lower your energy costs.

Features & Benefits:

  • Weather Proof Housing
  • Real Stainless Steel
  • Durable Die-Cast Aluminum Components
  • Pumps operate¬†on any 12 to 30 vdc power source.
  • Easy to Install
  • 1-Year Full Warranty

What type of solar aerator or water pump do you need?

DC 200: Ponds up to an acre in size up to 12 feet deep.

DC 1.5: 1.35 GPM (Gallons Per Minute) at 24 vdc

DC 4.5: 4.00 GPM (Gallons Per Minute) at 24 vdc

Not sure what solar-powered system you need? Call and speak to one of our pond consultants.