Nature's Pond Care by Koenders Water Solutions Inc.

Cutter ‘N’ Rake: 3-in-1 Tool


The Cutter ‘N’ Rake is a 3-in-1 tool that includes interchangeable rake and cutter heads that can cut, pull, and rake weeds out of your pond. The rake also comes with a floater option to rake off floating aquatic vegetation or you can take the float off the rake head and have it sink into the water to rake weeds that are lower down.

It’s a safe and sustainable alternative to using algaecides or herbicides to kill weeds - dead weeds just sink to the bottom of the water and cause more harm than good. Simply remove the unwanted aquatic vegetation from your water with the Cutter ‘N’ Rake.

If you have used pond chemicals to get rid of your aquatic vegetation, then apply Nature’s Pond Conditioner so that it can consume the dying, decaying debris at the bottom of your pond that can accumulate as pond sludge.

(1) Rake head
(1) Cutter blade (set of 2)
(1) 11-ft lightweight, reinforced aluminum handle under
(1) 25-ft nylon rope
(1) Float with Velcro straps (allows rake to turn into floating head instead of sinking head)